Sidari is the most popular tourist resort of north Corfu and one of the places that every visitor of the island has to see.  Is famous for its sandy beaches and the amazing Canal d’ Amour.

It is an infrequent natural phenomenon – underground path between two rocks that the visitor can easily walk to, due to shallow waters. Many areas around recommended for diving. There are many caves under the canal.
The beach is really wonderful. The white carven rocks that look like natural sculptures and the light blue waters compose an exotic view. Another fantastic place very close to our hotel is “Sunset beach”. This sandy beach next to the rocky cliffs and the one way to reach is by some steps. The unforgettable sunset view is on reason that attracts tourists from all over Corfu to this beautiful beach.

Swimming and sunbathing is marvelous at the nice, well-organised sandy beaches of the village, awarded a blue flag: at the beach beside the small port, or at the long beach with shallow and safe sea, ideal for children and with numerous sun beds and umbrellas. Every type of water sports seems to be available. You will find here water ski, banana rides, paragliding and scuba diving. There are also small boats with regular service depart daily from the small port of Sidari to the satellite islands  Othoni, Ereikoussa and Mathraki.

In Sidari there multi-cuisine restaurants that offer the very best of local Greek food  with a range of international cuisines like Italian, French and Chinese, blend Greek hospitality & food and many…many greats clubs – some traditional, others with English DJ music, Karaoke video screens, all-night clubs. Sidari has also a wonderful market where you can find almost whatever you wish, from super markets to souvenir shops where you can choose many affordable gifts, feaux bijoux, cosmetics, big variety of leather wallets & perfumes.


At the left edge of the beach at Sidari, you will see impressive formations of sandstone, which create an impressive view. Among the sandstone, small bays and caves with warm water invite you to swim. At the far left, you will find the famous Canal d’Amour, a tunnel, a passage through the rock. Legend goes that if you swim through it, then at the other side you will meet the love of you life.


Visitors of Corfu island in Greece will admire first the natural beauties of the island, the picturesque of the Venetian city and traditional villages or the wide variety of the magnificent bays and sandy beaches that gather thousands of tourists every year…

But in Corfu there are also a lot more to see. Several museums and Byzantine churches, archaeological monuments and Venetian fortresses, impressive landscapes, a superb inland that offers itself for carefree strolls on traditional paths, excellent views from the mountain of Pantokratoras where one is able to scan the sea and see the islands of Erikousa, Othoni and Mathraki, the Albanian coast, Paxoi, Antipaxoi and – if the visibility is good – the coastline of Italy.

If your dream vacation spot is an island that combines relaxation and excitement, then Corfu is the ideal destination!